Xbox Series X Controller Patent Outlines Tension-Adjustable Thumbsticks

Microsoft has already announced that the next-generation Xbox Series X console will be accompanied by a new wireless controller. The latter will still retain the existing design in addition to signature features like the bumpers and rumble triggers. There will also be a few major improvements, one of which has been spotted (via Windows Latest) through a recent filing.

According to the abstract of the patent, Microsoft will be improving the tiltable components of the new controller. The company will also be modifying the new controller to provide improved tension-adjustment functionality so that the thumbstick-usage will vary in accordance to user-preference.

For example, a thumbstick with higher tension provides greater resistance to being tilted by a user’s thumb or finger relative to a thumbstick with lesser tension. Some users may prefer higher tilt tension in a thumbstick, while others may prefer a lower tilt tension.

Furthermore, the filed patent reveals that the adjustable-tension thumbsticks will utilize a threaded engagement between a tiltable post and a base coupled to the thumbstick cap. The improvements are minor but something that will further enhance player-experience.

The tiltable post comprises external threads at a distal end, a post anchor feature, and a proximal end opposite to the distal end. An adjustable tensioning mechanism is configured to modify a tilt tension of the tiltable post.

Microsoft has confirmed that the new controller for Xbox Series X will feature a dedicated share button like the one DualShock 4 has for PlayStation 4. Microsoft has also redesigned the directional pad to be reminiscent of the one of the Xbox Elite controller. In addition to other tweaks, the controller will be slightly smaller than the existing design as well.

Xbox Series X will launch worldwide in the holiday season later this year. Microsoft has not revealed a price point yet. The company will possibly do so during its E3 2020 press briefing, alongside sharing more details about the console and controller, as well as the games that players can expect to be present on day one.

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