Xbox Series X To Get Bang & Olufsen Gaming Headsets

Bang & Olufsen will be launching a new premium lineup of gaming headsets for Xbox Series X that promise an “outstanding sound performance wrapped in astonishing design and solid craftsmanship.”

According to a press release (via Game Reactor) sent out earlier today, the Danish consumer electronics brand has joined forces with Microsoft “to cater for the high-end segment within gaming” and in doing so, realise the “big commercial potential” within the Xbox Series X player-base.

By entering the gaming industry, we want to do what we do best: delivering outstanding sound performance wrapped in astonishing design and solid craftsmanship. We see a big commercial potential within gaming, and in Xbox we believe we have found the ideal partner to realise that potential.

Bang & Olufsen are renowned for designing and manufacturing high-end audio products that boast astounding clarity, which unfortunately does come at a great cost. Bang & Olufsen is not known for being cheap or even borderline cheap. The brand has been synonymous with expensive and top-notch quality for decades. The upcoming gaming headsets for Xbox Series X will likely be something that only a few can afford. A top-of-the-line wireless headset of Bang & Olufsen, for example, can reach the $300 with ease. It will all come down to the players and how important they believe good audio to be in their favorite games.

Microsoft was previously set to showcase next-generation first-party gameplay in July. The company has now reportedly decided to push the dates ahead into August. Microsoft did showcase some of the upcoming games for Xbox Series X last month. However, the sneak-peek was mostly for third-party offerings. The second round of reveals from Microsoft promises to make amends.

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