Xbox Series S / X Known Issues – How to Fix Quick Resume not Working, 4K Corrupted Image and More

Are you experiencing errors with your new Xbox console? Here's a list of all known issues on Xbox Series X and S right now.

Xbox Series X and S have been out for a couple of days now, marking a new era for Microsoft and console gaming. The release came along with a few memorable memes as fans reported issues of smoke coming out of the console which turned out to be vape smoke. However, even if this was a joke, Xbox Series X and S still have known issues right now.

According to Microsoft’s support website, there’s a variety of known issues from which Xbox Series X and S suffer. More specifically, here’s a list of issues and their workarounds, as they were revealed by the company:

4K / 120Hz Corrupted Image

Microsoft acknowledges that some 4K / 120Hz TV monitors encounter a no signal or corrupted image when configured in a VRR mode. The company goes on to say that LG, Samsung and Vizio TV monitors appear to be facing this issue. To be able to fix this issue before Microsoft addresses it, the first thing you’ll need to do is update your TV firmware. You can check your model’s website for the appropriate software.

In addition, you can try configuring the console for 4K with 60Hz, which has fixed the issue in some instances. Other variations you can try are, 4K/ 120Hz with no VRR, 1440p/120Hz with VRR or 1080p/120Hz with VRR. This workaround can work with bot no signal and corrupted image instances.

HDR Capture Issue

Some users will see HDR captures appearing too dark when captured on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. For the time being, Microsoft has listed this problem as a known issue for Xbox Series X and S and can’t offer a solid workaround. However, you can try switching HDR off in order to take your screenshots. This will stop the issue since it’s tied only to HDR captures.

Quick Resume Not Working

Players report that the new Quick Resume feature doesn’t work for some specific titles. Microsoft confirms that some Optimized titles may be experiencing issues with Quick Resume. For the time being, you should refrain from using the feature on titles you see that do not work properly with Quick Resume. To be safe, Microsoft has disabled the feature altogether until the issue is fixed.

Blu-Ray Playback

Another issue is caused by the Blu-Ray reader on Xbox Series S. In some instances, inserting a DVD or Blu-ray into the console results in a black screen. If you are experiencing this, simply remove the disc from the console, restart the console, and then re-insert the disc into the console to watch your disc.

EA Play Unavailable

As it seems, the EA Play app cannot be installed on Xbox Series X. Microsoft reveals that there is no workaround at this time but a fix will be available soon. You can claim your 10-Hour trials for EA games on  Xbox Series X or S in the Store. To do this, go to Store and Search for the game. Select the game desired from the search results and click on the “Free Trial with EA Play” button on the game description page. To play full games included with your EA Play subscription, you can access them in My Games & Apps > Full Library > EA Play.

Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility

If, when using Xbox 360 titles, you find Xbox Series X or S returning you back to Home, then you too have an issue with backward compatibility.  If you are experiencing this issue, clear your Xbox 360 storage by going to Settings > System > Storage > Clear local Xbox 360 storage.

Pairing Controller Issue

If you face issues with connecting your controller to your brand new Xbox Series console after being AFK, then some users advise that unplugging the console and turning it on again fixes it. This is 100%   bad workaround but it might be necessary in some cases. For what it’s worth, Microsoft will look into it soon.

Controller on Windows 10 no input

If you intend to use the Xbox Series controller on PC as well as your console, you might realize that you cannot pair it via Bluetooth as easy as its predecessor. To get rid of this issue, make sure you have all the latest Windows security updates installed. This is a fix that Microsoft suggests to be working.

Game Clips in 4K

Players are reporting that recording clips in 4K on Xbox Series X and trimming them often results in a “trim failed” error. This is a known issue for Xbox Series X right now and it will be addressed at a later update.

It’s no secret that the first days since a console’s launch are the toughest. Issues will appear here and there but you shouldn’t be alarmed. Microsoft has an extensive list of issues at their hands right now an a hotfix will be available soon enough. For the time being, make sure you make the most out of your new console even with some minor issues.

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