Xbox Series S’ PSU Has A Little Master Chief Logo

Microsoft will be keeping up with traditions by stamping a little Master Chief logo on the power supply unit of every Xbox Series S console released.

The following still (via Reddit) from a hardware breakdown shows just how the iconic Master Chief helmet will be powering up every Xbox Series S console this holiday season. That being said, not many owners will be able to see the homage in person. It also reasons that pulling apart the hardware just to take out the power supply unit without any technical know-how is always unadvised.

The tradition continues. Xbox Series S has a little master chief on the power supply. from r/xboxone

Xbox Series S is not alone. Microsoft has stamped the same Master Chief sticker inside Xbox Series X as well. The difference being that the helmet tribute is on the side of the large ventilation fan located on top of the next-generation console. This will be the only way Master Chief gets to be part of the next-generation launch this holiday season though.

Halo Infinite, previously a flagship launch title, was recently delayed into somewhere next year due to development challenges. The said challenges were never clarified by developer 343 Industries. A scathing report though blamed higher-than-normal outsourcing and giving priority to the production of the Halo television series, both of which 343 Industries denied. Halo Infinite will now release for Xbox Series X when ready, hopefully in 2021.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has finally priced its upcoming next-generation consoles. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch on November 10, 2020, for $500 and $300 respectively. The aggressive pricing is rumored to have taken Sony Interactive Entertainment by surprise. PlayStation 5 was apparently priced higher but is now being slashed down to match Microsoft in pricing.


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