Xbox Series S Architecture “Is Just Awesome,” Says The Medium Developer

The Medium features “a really cool graphic art style” which runs just as “awesome and wonderful” on Xbox Series S as on Xbox Series X.

Speaking with VG247 in a recent interview, lead designer Wojciech Piejko and producer Jacek Zięba exclaimed how good The Medium looks (and runs) on both Xbox Series consoles.

Piejko showered high praise on the cheaper Xbox Series S alternative for its amazing architecture. “Yeah, so the graphics are still nice because we’ve got a really cool graphic art style and I love the art style of the game,” he said. “It’s in lower resolution, but it’s still the same great experience. “The architecture of S, of this little white box, is just awesome.”

Zięba particularly noted that the “overall experience and fun” from The Medium is pretty similar on both Xbox Series consoles despite the difference in hardware specifications. Perhaps to prove that point, Zięba shared that he recently mistook the game to be running on Xbox Series X when it was actually Xbox Series S.

“Yeah, I even played the whole game on Series S like one week ago and I was blown away because I thought I played on Series X,” said Zięba. “Somebody told me ‘man, this is Series S.’ What! Awesome, wonderful.”

“Of course, you know, there will not be 4K because S does not support 4K, and of course it will maybe look different a little to Series X because X is twice as powerful, but the overall experience and fun from the game, it is the same.”

On the subject of visuals and graphics, developer Bloober Team stated last year that the spirit world in The Medium takes a lot of inspiration from the works of Zdzisław Beksiński, a Polish dystopian surrealist known for disturbing and gloomy paintings.

The Medium will task players to travel between both the said spirit world and the real world in search for answers to a dark and tragic mystery. The entire gameplay revolves around interacting with elements from both sides of the mirror (so to speak) to obtain a clearer and wider perspective of what actually happened. Bloober Team has often stated that the narrative-building elements of the game have been designed as such so that there is never one simple truth.

The Medium releases in a few days on January 28 for both Xbox Series consoles and PC, and will be part of Game Pass on all of those platforms.

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