Xbox Series X|S Games Can Now Reportedly be Installed and Played Offline

For over a year now, a big problem with the Xbox Series X has been the fact that you can’t play any games from the Xbox Series without having to log in to Microsoft’s servers. Now, however, playing Xbox games offline seems possible following a new Microsoft update that came out recently.

Before the update, many gamers had complained that they were unable to play the vast majority of Xbox games on the Xbox Series X while offline whether they were Xbox One or Xbox Series X, as every game required you to log in to Microsoft game servers in order to be able to access them. This was a big issue for many players, especially if the internet went down or the game’s servers were taken offline.

The issue was brought to more widespread attention by various Xbox-focused YouTubers and gaming personalities who also brought the issue up. YouTuber Hikikomori Media posted a video on YouTube back to share that with the new update, he was now capable of playing Xbox games offline, even going through multiple titles to show.

The problem never extended to Xbox Series X native games, such as Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, but now Xbox One games don’t have the problem either. Unfortunately (yet logically), the same does not extend to games on the Xbox Game Pass. Considering you are somewhat leasing the game on your console, being online is necessary to get to play them at all.

However, even if Xbox Game Pass does still (obviously) require you to be connected to the internet in order to play the games, the fact that you can now play Xbox games on the Series X without having to log into Microsoft servers all the time is still a very good announcement.

So if you’ve been having difficulties playing Xbox games offline, now’s a good chance to hop on your console and see if the update works for you.