Xbox Scarlett And PS5 Expectations Given By NHL 20 Developer

If anyone needs to know the specifications of an upcoming console more than anyone, it’s game developers. This is particularly true with William I, an NHL 20 developer at Electronic Arts, Canada, who spoke about his own Xbox Scarlett and PS5 expectations for when the two consoles actually came out.

The Xbox Scarlett and PS5 have both been getting a lot of press lately, but we won’t know which one is the better console until they’re both actually out. There’s also no teling as of yet which one will be the more popular of the two.

William believes that things like power, memory, being always connected to the internet, and short load times are what will be the most important in both consoles. History, however, pokes a few holes in these points.

The Xbox One, for instance, when it was announced in 2013, came under a huge storm of controversy due to a large number of policies that Microsoft was including with it, including its always-online connectivity (which originally was intended to force people to check in with it once a day).

Graphics and power did, however, prove to be a decisive factor in the battle between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, as the Playstation 4’s higher power, along with a much larger amount of exclusive games than the Xbox One, enabled it to become the dominant console for this generation.

Various other developers gave their own Xbox Scarlett and PS5 expectations before now, with Tim Ash of BoxFrog games claiming the SSD was an important factor, while Lucas Rowe of Red Blue Games said the GPU was also extremely important.

Which console comes out on top will undoubtedly rely on a lot of different factors, but we’ll have to wait until both are officially announced and have their features detailed, along with the choice of exclusive games we’ll get, before we can decide which one is better.