Xbox Scarlett Is Focusing On Game Streaming, Microsoft Is Developing A Second Console As Well?

During their E3 2018 showcase, Microsoft has revealed that they’re working on their next console, codenamed Xbox Scarlett. Analysts were already estimating that the next generation of consoles will focus on cloud gaming and it is true, for Microsoft at least.

According to a recent report from, Microsoft is building Xbox Scarlett to be a classic console as a continuation of hardware upgrades to Xbox One X and S. Appart from the traditional aspect of it though, the company will introduce the Scarlett Cloud to the public, which will be a project in development and will make the game streaming service a reality.

An early version of such a product has been shown off as a demo game streaming at its all-employee meeting back in 2013, as the source reveals but now Microsoft is making it happen, under their new team on the project. This isn’t all though.

Microsoft is also working on a second console to fill the gap between Xbox One S and Xbox Scarlett. It will be a lower-powered device that will ship alongside Scarlett, being the company’s answer to budget gaming. The company has already shown progress to making gaming more accessible to all players regarding the budget they want to spend, something they are already doing with the Xbox Game pass and Xbox Play Anywhere services.

Having their new consoles played both locally and on cloud gives Microsoft the opportunity to reduce latency according to Thurrott, making Scarlett Cloud the perfect console for players that want the perfect experience in multiplayer.

One last bit the reporter reveals is that Scarlett Cloud is further along in the development cycle than the traditional console that will also be released in 2020. While none of the aforementioned information has been made public yet (nor it will in the near future), everything reported makes sense. Microsoft is depending on their consoles and massive libraries of games available through services to make an impact on the “console war” and as we see it, it might actually happen.

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