Xbox Project Scorpio Dev Kits Come With LCD Panels That Show Real Time Data

Xbox Project Scorpio is supposed to be the most powerful console that has ever been made, which is one of the selling points of the device but haven’t we heard that before? Sure we have.

NeoGAF report reveals that the Xbox Project Scorpio dev kits come with front LCD displays that show developers real-time data. This is something that could be very cool and could save developers some time.

Xbox Project Scorpio

What this means for consumers is that developers have got dev kits and that they are working on optimizing games for Xbox Project Scorpio and checking out all the power that it has to offer. Phil Spencer already talked about the importance of first party games and according to him:

Having our 1P games ready for Scorpio is critical.

Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs also talked about Project Scorpio and according to the developer:

I think there’s never been a better time to be playing video games. We have so many incredible options all around us, and I see the PS4 Pro and Scorpio as extensions of that. We’re surrounded by choice, and I think there’s a game and a platform out there for everyone.

Xbox Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio will be offering 4K HDR and VR to the people that can afford the premium console.

I think it will not be as expensive as a VR ready PC but it will still be expensive for a console. We will also have to check whether or not the console will offer native 4K or not.

Native 4K is something that the consumers want but Microsoft has been beating around the bush for some time now. True 4K might not be native 4K at the end of the day. This might as well be some kind of marketing terminology but we will find out soon enough.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio.

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