Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Forza 7 Graphics vs Gran Turismo 7, Which Game Looks Better?

When it comes to racing games both Microsoft and Sony have their exclusive titles. While you have Forza 7 coming out for the Xbox One X, Sony has Gran Turismo 7 coming out for the PS4 Pro. You should keep in mind that both games are still in development and that final product could be different.

When it comes to the graphics of these two games we can see that both are pretty much identical to each other even though the Xbox One X has better hardware as compared to the PS4 Pro. We know that the Xbox One X is not using all available resources when running the game.

When it comes to minor details like the sounds that cars make, Forza 7 seems to have a slight edge. The game will also feature dynamic climate which will be a cool feature and something that I am looking forward to testing out first hand. You can check out Forza 7 graphics below:

you might notice that the game still needs some adjustments when it comes to lighting effects and color saturation but seeing how the game is in development and far from the final product you can let it fly, for now, considering that these things will not make it to the final product.

The game will also have 4K textures and what not so this YouTube video might not be as good as what you will experience first hand. The demos have been very impressive until now and it seems Microsoft not only has the more powerful console but also the better-looking game. You can check out Gran Turismo footage below:

Both games are great and at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. Let us know what you think about the graphics difference between these two games as well as the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

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