Microsoft Xbox One X And Samsung QLED 4K TVs, An Unbeatable Combination?

Microsoft has partnered with Samsung for marketing the Xbox One X. The partnership is to promote a 4K experience like no other and Samsung is recommending the Xbox One X to customers through marketing. The Samsung QLED 4K TVs are great but this combination is not for everyone.

The combination might be unbeatable and while you are getting a great experience, you are paying a huge premium for it. These Samsung QLED 4K TVs are not cheap but if money is no object then by all means go and get one. The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that you can pre-order right now and with the new hardware there comes support for new standards.

These standards include FreeSync, FreeSync 2, HDMI 2.1 and HDR. The console also has support for variable refresh rate, that allows the user to get a PC-like experience on a console. The Samsung QLED 4K TVs start at $2799 and the Xbox One X will cost you $499 at launch, considering you have already pre-ordered one or will be able to get one at MSRP at launch.

Samsung will be introducing FreeSync TVs soon, so I can imagine that this partnership will last a long time. Furthermore, Eddie Combs, Vice President of Marketing for Samsung Electronics America stated the following:

“The arrival of true 4K UHD gameplay on Xbox One X this Fall gives gamers the perfect reason to upgrade their television. If gamers are looking for a TV that delivers premium 4K HDR picture quality with industry leading design and smart functionality, then the QLED TV and Xbox One X are an unbeatable 4K gaming combination.”

The Xbox One X should fair well with a Samsung QLED 4K TV but you will be paying a lot of money for the combination and that might not be justifiable for most people.

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