Xbox One X Intelligent Delivery Allows Games To Be Smaller, Download Only What You Want

Xbox One X supports 4K gaming and with that in mind, you can expect that game files to be huge. Microsoft has been working on making storage easier and more effective and that is where the Xbox One X intelligent delivery comes into play.

Xbox One X intelligent delivery allows the developers to format the game in chunks and the user can download the parts of the game that are needed. That leaves out everything that you do not need and hence saves bandwidth and storage space.

To give you an example, download a game to the Xbox One and the 4K textures will not be downloaded as the hardware does not support 4K. Backup the game to an external hard drive and plug it into the Xbox One X. Xbox One X intelligent delivery will notify you that there are 4K textures available for download.

Looking at things the other way around. Now if you choose to plug that hard drive back into the original Xbox One then the 4K textures will still be there but you can delete them from the settings as they are not going to be used. This is just the beginning, when it comes to the Xbox One X intelligent delivery there are more options available.

Data is tagged in different categories and can help you shrink the game. FIFA, for example, has loads of languages but if you only speak English then you do not need the commentaries in other languages. With Xbox One X intelligent delivery, you can choose to only download the English audio.

This is a big step forward and I am interested in seeing this work in person. This feature will allow users to save a lot of data and bandwidth. Games will download quicker and you can get into the game much faster. The content tag is the most useful one in my opinion.

The content tag allows users to download only the parts of the game that they want. If the game comes with a level editor but you are not going to try it out then you can choose to not download it at all. That way you can get right into the story mode. The level editor will be there if you want to download it sometime later on.

The same can be said about the campaign and multiplayer mode. If you play games like Call of Duty, then you can download the campaign first and have a go at it without downloading the multiplayer part of the game. Imagine how quick that would be instead of downloading the whole game first and only then being able to play the campaign.

Later on, if you have finished the story and just play multiplayer then you could delete the campaign part of the game in order to make space for other games and apps that you use or want to try out.

Games are getting bigger and bigger and not everyone has fast internet. Keeping in mind that most people have 500 GB consoles, that can be an issue. Xbox One X intelligent delivery system could change that.

Let us know what you think about the Xbox One X intelligent delivery system.

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