Frozenbyte: There Could Be More Xbox One X Exclusives If Microsoft Allows It

According to Frozenbyte, there could be a lot more Xbox One X exclusives in the market but, Microsoft doesn’t allow it as the game developed for the upgraded console has to launch for base Xbox One and Xbox One S too.

Kai Tuovinen of Frozenbyte told Gamingbolt that Microsoft is basically stopping devs from making Xbox One X exclusives that the console otherwise might be getting as there are developers who like to develop games exclusively for Xbox One X.

I think there’s definitely developers out there who’d like to bring their game to consoles, but the only thing powerful enough apart from PC would be the Xbox One X,” Tuovinen said. “My guess is there’d be a lot more Xbox One X games if they’d allow exclusives.

He added that Xbox One X “seems to be like a high-end PC with a 10-series GTX card” and is definitely powerful enough to render games at native 4K but that varies from games to game.

However, Frozenbyte is not the only developer out there who is praising Xbox one X for its 4K capabilities. According to Crytek, Xbox One X is a delightful surprise.

According to Collin Bishop the product manager at Crytek, the studio has been very impressed with the Xbox One X’s ability to run games at native 4K as they only had to make minor optimizations for 4K gaming.

He added that backwards compatibility is important to preserve as gamers have a connection to the nostalgia factor of their favorite games. He added that if the console manufacturers were to drop the backwards compatibility it would not sit well with the gamers.

Do you think Microsoft should allow developers to develop games for Xbox One X without restricting them to also develop for base hardware? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GameingBolt

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