Xbox One X is Coming to Japan, “We Will Never Give Up,” Says Phil Spencer

Xbox One struggled in Japan ever since its launch day when there were more reporters than buyers on the streets. Due to the poor reception of the console, it was speculated that Xbox One X may not arrive in Japan. However, that is not the case.

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox One X will indeed come to Japan but they are not ready to discuss a release date for the time being. Moreover, when asked about the struggles of Xbox in the land of the rising sun, Spencer stated that he will not give up on Japan.

Meanwhile, Xbox One is doing well in the Western Market but is still behind Sony’s PlayStation 4. Both units combined have sold over 100 million units worldwide. Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold close to 5 million units in Japan while Xbox One is yet to reach 100K units in the region.

Xbox One X is releasing in the Western Market on November 7 for $499.99, the price itself is a problem for the console. According to DFC analyst, the console will have a hard time facing the value of PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox One X is an expensive system designed to appeal to a fairly narrow demographic of gamers who want high-quality graphics but do not want to spend money on a high-end PC. The challenge is that is a fairly small addressable market, even as sales of 4k television sets start to soar. Both the Nintendo Switch or Sony PlayStation 4 offers a very strong value proposition that consumers seem to be flocking to

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Source: Famitsu

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