Want An Xbox One X At launch? You Better Pre-order One, According To Aaron Greenberg

Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg shared some interesting insights regarding the upcoming Xbox One X. He said that Microsoft had a time frame in mind in which the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition was supposed to sell out in. But the actual demand was much higher and the sales period was very short and the console was out of stock immediately.

Greenberg said that if you want to get your hands on the Xbox One X at launch then you should pre-order one as the console is going to be sold out. That seems to be the case even now. There are no pre-orders at the moment as the retailers do not have stock. The special edition has been sold out but the next shipment of the standard edition is going to come soon so stay tuned for that.

He also mentioned that the team is a hungry one and that they have a lot planned for the Xbox One. You can expect a couple of accessories as well as new services for the platform to be introduced when the console comes out and soon after the release as well.

Greenberg also talked about the new partnership with Samsung and that the company would be marketing the new console everywhere they go. This should be interesting. Microsoft and Samsung are going to be working together in order to optimize 4K between consoles and TVs. Greenberg believes that Samsung is a great partner and that both companies can help one another.

The Xbox One X is going to be the most powerful console on the market and will cost $499. The 4K gaming machine will be coming out on November 7th.

Let us know what you think about the Xbox One X and whether or not you are interested in buying one.

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