Why Microsoft is Not Sharing Xbox One Sales Figures Anymore?

You might remember from back in the Xbox 360 days when Microsoft’s console was soaring high in terms of sales, the company was quick to post every bit of update on their sales.

Even in the initial months of Xbox One’s launch, they maintained that practice. However, the Xbox One vs. PS4 battle has taken new turns now.

The gap between the sales figures of both the consoles has widened by a multifold and this has led to the Redmond based company to shy away from posting their stats anymore. Like many of you, this was picked up by a fan over at Twitter who asked Aaron Greenberg, Global Product Marketing Head at Microsoft Studios about it.

Apparently, they have decided not to share the sales figures because they are busy prepping for the holiday, as that is when sharing stats ‘really counts.’

Alright I agree it is not easy for anyone to agree that they are lagging behind in their sales targets and so they don’t think it is worth mentioning anymore. However, Nintendo is one such example; time by time they keep sharing their progress no matter how meager it is.

Moreover, Sony is moving ahead in leaps and bounds with their latest announcement of 10 million PS4 units being sold. This compares to the last announcement made by Microsoft where they confirmed shipping 5 million Xbox Ones to retailers – not selling.

Nonetheless, all is not lost and Microsoft is already cozying up to their next big card in the Xbox One vs PS4 race: the release of the next Halo. Yet, that is after the two have dueled for sales at the hands of Destiny.

Do you think the gap Xbox One vs PS4 sales figures will shorten in the future?

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