Xbox One title IDARB Gets One Million Downloads in a Week!

Have you played IDARB? The new 2D platformer that puts to use the ability of Xbox One to use eight controllers together in order to give you a crazy simultaneous local and online competitive multiplayer?

The game has been so popular recently that you must have stumbled upon it sometime – especially since it has been downloaded more than one million times in the first week alone!

Other Ocean Interactive’s Mike Mika, the creator of the surprisingly popular game has been in the news for making good use of his Twitter profile in the developmental phase of the game. In fact, it was his tweets that brought IDARB the community it has now.

It was Mika again who revealed the big numbers through his Twitter:

Over one million downloads of #IDARB in the first week. Thanks everybody! Super Bowl sunday, you played over 16 years worth in a single day.

Oh yeah, that’s correct. You did play the game that much!

Many of the fans who are currently playing IDARB are expecting to see the 2v2 mode at play really soon. However, the developers don’t want to release something that might not work, and right now the 2v2 is not working as good as it should. May be you will get it soon:

As soon as we are confident its will work well, we will provide a date. It’s not working well yet. Working hard on it!

He shared other statistics too, for instance we now know that “so far there have been 1.4 million characters created” in the game in the same period of one week.

Here’s another one relating to the bumber of hours clocked in by fans:

We’re about ~500,000 hrs of play time in that week. I’m floored. The subliminal messages hidden in the title screen worked!

Have you played IDARB? If not, you might want to check it out.

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