Xbox One Sells Stronger in Latin America than the Playstation 4

In a report looking at the success of Xbox One in Latin America it reveals that Microsoft are seeing some surprising successes in the region.

When we look at the success of consoles around the world it often looks like Sony have it all wrapped up with the PlayStation 4. There is one region which is fast growing where the Xbox One appears to have more of a foothold though.

In a report by ZhugeEX for Gearnuke the writer states that the Xbox One has actually been selling more successfully in Latin America than the Playstation 4. What makes this interesting is the fact that this gaming region is the second fastest growing behind Asia. Will this change the dominance of the Playstation 4? Probably not, but it shows that Microsoft’s console is having some success.

It should be noted though that the author of the report does state this:

“In Latin America the Xbox One was the best selling next generation console in 2014 through official sales channels.”

The key words here are the words “official sales”, as they also state at the bottom of the report, there is a strong grey market in the region which is not part of the report. Even with this though, the results are still impressive.

As you can see from the graph below, Latin America is the third largest market for console market revenue, with sales at $2.8 billion. A lot of the popularity of the Microsoft console does look to have continued from the success of the Xbox 360.


One reason that is highlighted for the fact Xbox has a dominance in Latin America appears to be the expense of the PlayStation 4 which is due to many of the taxes that are in place. The writer goes into a lengthy explanation as to how this affects the price of the console, and it would be interesting to see how changes in the pricing of the Playstation 4 may change how successful it could be there.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s success in Latin America? Let us know below.

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