Aaron Greenberg Talks Xbox One Scorpio, Cross-Play with PS4

Aaron Greenberg gave an interview recently on the Xbox One Scorpio, sales of the Xbox One S, and the possibility of cross-platform play with Sony.

Aaron Greenberg, the head of Xbox’s marketing division, recently gave an interview about the successes of the Xbox One S, along with how he thought the Xbox One Scorpio would do upon release, and the possibility of making cross-platform games with Playstation and Sony, especially with its upcoming 4K console.

Both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One Scorpio were revealed at this year’s E3, and generated a great deal of buzz over the technical specifications that they came with. Both include 4K resolution for streaming and video, and the Scorpio can also use it and its 6 teraflops of memory for gaming, so long as the game developers are up for it.

Though some people said that revealing both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One Scorpio at the same time may have been a mistake, the S has been shown to be selling well in multiple territories, even despite the fact that the Scorpio will be coming out next year.

The Xbox One S touts itself as an Xbox One that’s 40 percent smaller than the regular Xbox One, but that doesn’t sacrifice power and performance to get that size. The S includes an internal power supply and a two terabyte memory, giving it better memory capacity than even the 1 terabyte Xbox One. So many people are excited about the S and the Scorpio that they’re even hurting sales of the currently available Xbox consoles.

Greenberg also talked about the possibility of Xbox doing cross-platform play with Playstation. If it does happen, he says, it will be Sony’s responsibility to make sure it works, as Microsoft already has the infrastructure for it.

Microsoft already allows cross-platform play between a select number of games between its PC and console settings, so it relies on Sony to be able to pick up any slack that Microsoft may be leaving in its wake.


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