Xbox One Scorpio Pre Orders Are Now Available On Amazon

The day is almost here, and now Amazon has announced that Xbox One Scorpio pre orders are available to buy before the console comes out. The website’s listing has the console as “Currently unavailable” and says that it will be available in the holidays of 2017, meaning a possible Christmas release.

While you can’t necessarily pre-order the console yet, you can set up Amazon to email you for when the console actually becomes available so that you can pre-order it then. However, that may still be a few months off, maybe all the way until E3.

Any Scorpio pre orders will likely cause the console to sell out fast, considering that even with the Playstation 4 Pro out on the market the console is a highly anticipated product. The console is reputed to have 6 teraflops of processing power and be roughly as powerful as a modern PC.

Much of the hardware could also be seen as better than the Pro’s.

The Playstation 4 Pro’s rather spotty performance when it comes to running games might also contribute to the Scorpio’s sales. Various reports have said that Playstation 4 games on the console actually run worse than they do on a regular Playstation 4, even with the Pro’s compatibility patch.

While there’s no guarantee yet that the Xbox One Scorpio will run better than a Playstation 4 Pro, the Scorpio pre orders may start to pick up when the console becomes available to buy.

There have been hints since Monday that we’ll get our first real look at the console sometime this week, which is Microsoft’s big chance to impress.

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see how well the pre-orders will do when the console becomes available sometime later this year. Hopefully Microsoft will impress enough people with the Scorpio’s performance that the pre-orders will do well.