Xbox One Scorpio Exclusives Might Be Difficult To Implement For Devs

The possibility of Xbox One Scorpio exclusives has been shot down by Microsoft from the beginning, saying that the console isn’t going to have any games that are exclusive to it unless they’re VR titles. Even if Microsoft did allow Scorpio exclusives, however, it would have been difficult to implement due to the install base.

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When the Scorpio was first announced, it seemed like a number of devs might have wanted to put games exclusively on the Scorpio. The Scorpio, being so much more powerful than the Xbox One (to the point where it could be more powerful than a number of PCs on the market today), would be able to likely deal with a number of high-quality Xbox One games, if they were allowed to put exclusives on it.

However, Xbox One Scorpio exclusives were removed as a possibility when Microsoft said that every game that would be coming to the Xbox One Scorpio would also be available for the regular Xbox One, and vice versa. Considering the wide install base of the Xbox One, developers making games exclusively for the Scorpio would be a difficult decision with a number of drawbacks on every side.

On the one hand, the games being available for both the regular Xbox One and the Scorpio would be held back graphically so that the games could be played on both. On the other hand, putting it exclusively on the Scorpio would also almost guarantee a bomb in sales unless it was a highly anticipated game, as many people might not be willing to buy what is essentially the same console that’s just capable of higher graphical quality and framerate.

While the Xbox One Scorpio isn’t going to be coming out for a while longer, hopefully when it does come out the console will be a success and the games are good-looking on the console even if they’re limited by the original Xbox One and no Xbox One Scorpio exclusives are coming out.