Xbox One Sales For November Were Impressive, 1 Million Units Sold

Xbox One sales for November may have lost to Sony's PlayStation 4 but the console did really well for itself. XB 1 crossed 1 million sales in November.

Xbox One sales for November may have lost to Sony’s PlayStation 4 but the console did really well for itself. According to the data released by NPD, Xbox One sales crossed 1 million sales in November.

Xbox marketing VP Mike Nichols stated:

We have seen strong momentum for Xbox One since announcing the new Xbox One S at E3 in June. That momentum continued in November as gaming consoles were once again among the most sought-after products to buy over Black Friday weekend.

In addition, we saw record engagement among Xbox One owners on Xbox Live as fans enjoyed new games and great deals. In fact, the total players online on Sunday, Nov. 27 was up 40 percent compared to last year

Xbox One was on a winning streak for a short period of time but PlayStation 4 won the month of November.  Xbox One S gave a major boost to Xbox sales and brought it closer to PlayStation 4. Microsoft is not sharing lifetime sales anymore so won’t know how those numbers compare to PS4.

Xbox One S is Microsoft’s slimmer model, the company is also planning to introduce Project Scorpio next year. Project Scorpio is a mystery for now and we really know about is that the console is able to run games in native 4K. Phil Spencer recently talked about the console and said:

When you talk to me about Scorpio, the term I use about the architecture isn’t the six teraflops which is obviously what we’ve announced, it’s balance. Really what it is, is you want a platform that is balanced between memory bandwidth, GPU power, you know, your ability to move memory and [an] amount of memory around in many ways is more inhibiting to the performance of your game than absolute teraflops on any one of the individual pieces, and when we designed Scorpio we really thought about this balanced rig that could come together at a price-point.


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