Xbox One S Minecraft Edition is Headed Your Way and It’s a Limited Edition

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition console bundle. It includes the beautifully customized version of the Xbox One S console, with pixelized graphics work. Along with similar themed 2 controllers.

The price for Xbox One S Minecraft Edition is 350 GBP as per UK retailers. The console version will be physically displayed at Gamescom 2017 between 22-26 August. The console will be released on October 3rd. The cute piggy themed controller will be out September 12th.

kotaku claimed that Microsoft plans to release these hardware over next two months. Xbox One S Minecraft Edition and its two controllers. This is one of a kind special edition console where the customization alone looks good enough to buy the console.

Even those who do not play Minecraft will probably like it because of the pixelated retro theme used in the Minecraft universe. Carefully stylized over the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition and its controllers.

One controller has the green colored skin that looks like an oddly-shaped Creeper. The other controller is pig styled. The front and back of the console is covered in a nice texture of pixelated art aswell. Really proves a point that when it comes to customizing special editions. Microsoft takes it on another level.

People can buy both the controllers separately on September 12th. Judging from the very cool art used we can safely say that, this is what the special editions are all about. I’m pretty sure that Minecraft fans will be anxiously waiting to get their hands Xbox One S Minecraft Edition.

Xbox One S Minecraft Edition 1TB bundle will be console, a vertical stand, the Creeper controller, the Minecraft game, the Redstone skin pack and a free month of Realms. Pre-order starts now and the bundle arrives oonn 3rd October. What do you think about the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition? Let us know in the comments section below.

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