All Games on Xbox One S Will Be Upscaled to 4K, Mike Ybarra Confirms

The reveal of the Xbox One S was one of the highlights of the Microsoft’s E3 press conference. However, some fans were confused by the reveal that Xbox One S will only upscale those games to 4K which are supported for that resolution.

Now Mike Ybarra has cleared this confusion, when a confused player asked Ybarra on the Twitter about the whether or not Xbox One S will upscale the games to 4K. To that Ybarra replied “Yes”, however, another fan asked whether it will upscale all games or just the ones the are supported. To that Ybarra relied “All”.

Given that Xbox One S has additional CPU and GPU power compared to Xbox One, this should not come as a surprise that the console is capable to upscale all video games to 4K. The console is 40% slimmer than Xbox One, but it offers much more than that.

According to Coalition Studio head, Rod Fergusson, Xbox One S deliver a more consistent technical performance. He further said that Xbox One S has raw CPU and GPU power, engineers at Coalition were able to take advantage of it, by reducing the frequent frame rate drops in the demanding section of the game.

The new console is priced at $299 with a 2 TB Hard Drive, which is 1500 GB more compare to Xbox One. Xbox One slim comes with HDR gaming feature, IR blaster, and a brand new Xbox One controller featuring texture grips.

Xbox One S is not the only new Microsoft console, as the company announced Xbox One Scorpio during it E3 conference. According to Microsoft, Xbox One Scorpio is much more powerful compared to any console present in the market. Xbox One Scorpio will run games at native 4K resolution.

Xbox One Scorpio will have 8 CPU cores and 320+ GB/s memory bandwidth, and it seems like a monster of a console.

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