Xbox One, PS4 Chinese Sales for 2015 will be Disappointing

A research says that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 combined are only going to sell 550,000 units in China this year.

Every year we see an increase in sales of games and consoles as well as gaming PCs all over the globe but it looks like the Chinese market is going to disappoint at least the console makers in the running year.

A market intelligence firm that specializes in the Asian markets, Niko Partners has published a report in which they have forecast that “sales of the Xbox One and PS4 have been disappointing, with fewer than 550,000 units total expected to be sold in 2015.”

They did add, however, that if more AAA titles are released to the region then the sales could increase.

On the other hand, the researchers say that the future will also expect a rise in usage of consoles as compared to PCs for gaming.

The Managing Partner and Founder of Niko Partners, Lisa Cosmas Hanson forecasts that due to the gamers who grew up playing on platforms like Nintendo Super Famicom, the region is expected to see a surge in usage of Smart TV based games and consoles too:

Despite China being a predominantly PC online gaming culture, Chinese who are now 26-35 years old grew up in the days of Nintendo Super Famicom consoles and are accustomed to playing games with a controller via a TV. These gamers will drive adoption of ‘over-the-top’ (OTT) games played on Smart TVs as well as the use of game consoles, and thus will begin the transformation of the living room to entertainment center.

However, the complete research suggests that the market poises a more favorable trend towards Smart TVs and set top boxes that are expected to overtake PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales in the market by 2019.


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