Xbox One Preview Update Now Live, Fixes Store Issues And More

Microsoft has been constantly improving Xbox One through updates and fixes. This time Microsoft has released the Xbox One preview update, that brings some more fixes for Windows Store, clubs and firmware for the controller.

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The OS version released is rs1_xbox_rel_1610.161009-1900 which is now live and available for download for the preview members. This Xbox One preview update fixes the issue with Store where it displayed the icon to download or install for already installed games, as for the clubs, if the user is not a member of a club then the user will not be prompted a the option to start a Club Party.

  • Store: The option to Install a game or app should no longer appear on the corresponding Store page when the game or app is already installed.
  • Clubs: When viewing Clubs, you should no longer see the option to start a Club Party if you are not a Club member.
  • Controller Firmware: A new firmware update recently became available for Xbox One S controllers. Connect your Xbox One S controller to the console and navigate to Settings > Kinect & devices to download the firmware update.

However, before you jump straight to download and install this Xbox One preview update, beware that it has some issues of its own like the backwards compatible games will not be installed through disc and more.


  • Installation: Xbox 360 backward compatible games fail to install from a game disc.
  • Clubs:
    •  When attempting to remove a Club member from a Club, the removal fails to complete. In addition, if a Club admin attempts to remove a Club member, they may remove themselves from the Club (Club owners are unaffected).
    • Club invites may sometimes show up in the Friends list in Guide and may be counted or displayed multiple times.
  • Store: When browsing the Store, certain apps may be missing for users with their console set to the Singapore region (zh-sg or en-sg). Workaround: To find a specific app, use the Store’s search function.

So if you don’t want these issues to ruin your experience, then you might want to skip this Xbox One preview update.

Source: Reddit

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