Xbox One Owners Spend The Most Time Gaming Out Of All Other Gamers

According to a study undertaken by GlobalWindex, Xbox One owners spend the most time out of all of the other consoles (including PC gamers) playing actual games on their consoles. The next largest number is the Nintendo Wii U, who are behind Xbox players only by a minute, both of which clock in at almost two and a half hours.

The study doesn’t say how much time Xbox One owners spend using some of the Xbox’s other functions, such as watching Netflix or YouTube or Hulu or anything else that you can do with the console, but it’s not surprising, considering the Xbox One is a gaming console first and foremost.

Exactly why the number is so much higher than with other consoles however, even though many of them are also gaming consoles first and foremost, remains to be seen. Considering that the Playstation 4 rapidly outpaced the Xbox One in terms of sales, the gaming choice isn’t the reason, nor is it the graphics, which the PS4 also has the advantage in.

Xbox One gamers may have increased game time over players on the Playstation 4 and other consoles because of the Xbox One’s increased emphasis on online multiplayer gameplay, considering that the latest Xbox Live update made it much easier to hook up with people with like-minded gaming tastes.

With those things in mind, players on the Xbox and the Wii U may use their consoles more for gaming with friends than other consoles.

The other consoles from last-gen like the regular Wii, the Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3, at least have a better excuse: they’re essentially obsolete now in the face of their current-gen successors, which give them higher graphical quality and a higher framerate, which translates into better-looking games.

Considering that many games and developers are starting to move away from last-gen consoles, that’s also a reason for their decline in gameplay.