Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 at Black Friday; Bundles Ruled Markets

This year’s Black Friday sales figures are coming in from multiple sources but one thing that is pretty clear by now is that Sony has been beaten by Microsoft this time.

According to InfoScout, a market research firm, the sales of Microsoft’s latest console has outdone the rival with a great margin.

Gaming bundles aside, which console came out as the winner this Black Friday? PlayStation 4 had a disappointing weekend one year ago, capturing only 15% of the console market. While 2014 shows a slightly better story for the PS4, between the Xbox One and Xbox 360, Xbox once again dominated the console war, owning 62% of the market share.

Those figures break down into a total of five major participants namely; Xbox One at number one with 53% market share, PlayStation at number two with 31%, Xbox 360 with 9% share at number three, Nintendo Wii U at number four with 6% and finally PlayStation 3 at number five with only 1% market share.

There is more, the agency surveyed the people who bought the consoles and found out that 92% of the people who bought Wii U had done it for their kids, 66% of Xbox One and 45% of PlayStation 4 had been bought for the same reason too!

Lastly, they have claimed that majority of the sales made at this year’s Black Friday were a result of the bundles being offered by the retailers.

To be exact over 90% of the consoles were sold bundled with a game. According to the survey, around 75% of the buyers think that the bundled game had a lot to do with the console they bought.

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