Xbox One Indie Games Developers Have Been Paid $1.2 Billion

Five years ago, Microsoft and Xbox unveiled the ID@Xbox program, a program where indie games developers could get their games on the Xbox One as one of their starting platforms. Since then, Xbox One indie games developers have been paid over $1.2 billion, according to program leader Chris Charla in an interview.

While the figure may see to be a large amount, it’s split between the over 1,000 studios that have participated in the program since its launch, and Xbox also hasn’t said just how much each studio has been paid.

Back in 2018, it was revealed by Microsoft that the ID@Xbox program had brought in over a billion dollars in profit, and with the new surge in indie games that have come from it, it’s not a surprise that Xbox One indie games have been getting so popular.

Various games that have come from the ID@Xbox program include the Jackbox party game “Fibbage”, the original Guacamelee’s Super Turbo Championship Edition (released on PS3 and Vita and later ported to the Xbox One), Limbo, Super Time Force, and more, and more will be coming soon.

While most indie games end up on the PC, being able to reach just as wide of an audience through the Xbox One is still a big boon for any indie studio, especially if you get to cash in on one part of the money that’s been paid to the indie game developers in the ID@Xbox program.

The number of Xbox One indie games will likely only continue to grow even after Xbox has moved onto the Scarlett, and considering how many indie games get shown off at E3 every year, it seems like Microsoft has also picked up on how successful the program is.

Only time will tell if the ID@Xbox program continues into the Scarlett’s generation, but with all of the good indie games we’ve gotten on the Xbox recently, hopefully it will continue for a long time to come.