Xbox One Is Getting Another Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Starting Today

Another short but essential Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta will be available for Xbox One owners starting today and will last for 24 hours. Bandai Namco is aware of the problems the game’s last open beta included and has made the necessary improvements so that the game runs smoothly on its release day. In order to do that, Xbox One owners will have another chance to test its multiplayer mode so that its stability can be ensured.

The announcement came from Bandai Namco’s official page on Twitter stating starting and ending dates and hours. It reads:

Hi FighterZ! We’ve made the necessary improvements in order to enable X1 users to experience DRAGON BALL FighterZ in all of its online multiplayer glory; join us for an Xbox One exclusive open beta at the following dates/times – Start: Jan. 23 at 9pm PST / End: Jan. 24 at 9pm PST

The company made sure to answer to fans’ question in the comment section, stating that there will be no new features in this Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta which is another reason to believe that this action is just a means to check the game’s stability.

If you want to give Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta another go then you have 24 hours to do so. There will be no need for Xbox Live Gold to join its multiplayer mode this time so you can try it out even if you missed the previous one.

In related news, Dragon Ball FighterZ will feature loot boxes but not in the form you might have thought. The Z capsules will include cosmetic goodies such as costumes and avatars and can be acquired with in-game cash, called Zeni. In addition, there will be a premium currency which will also not be tied to real money but will be received from duplicate items in your currency.

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