Xbox One Finally Sells 50,000 Units in Japan

The Xbox One has finally managed to cross 50,000 units sold in Japan, following a relatively strong week.

According to the latest Media Create Chart, Microsoft’s new console has sold precisely 50,009 units, with 900 units being sold in the recently recorded “strong” week. That’s an achievement if you were to compare these sales with the weeks prior, where the Xbox One struggled to even reach 500.

The Xbox One launched in Japan on Thursday, September 4 and according to reports had a barren reception. In fact, at one specific retailer, there were no queues and just one customer who came in to buy the only Xbox One sold in that shop. It was the same story with other retailers, while there were some who saw to a ‘good’ sale on the opening day.

In comparison, the PlayStation 4 had a lucrative launch in the land of the rising sun. It so far has sold a total of 1,375,839 units, bringing it closer to the Wii U which leads with 2,269,615 units. Though, the Wii U was launched almost two years ago, and the PlayStation has only been in the Japanese market for a little over seven months.

With a great lineup planned for the Xbox One this holiday season, Microsoft would be hoping to steer their ship in new directions.

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