Xbox One Elite Listed By Walmart For $499, Might Come Bundled With Elite Controller

Xbox One Elite has been listed by Walmart for $499. Microsoft is yet to announce anything.

After a successful E3 presentation, Microsoft and its Xbox One gained a lot of attention. Especially due to the new backward compatibility feature.

Surely they will sell plenty of consoles riding on the back of backward compatibility, and it seems the company is planning to introduce a new console iteration while the iron is still hot.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you may have heard about a new Xbox Elite controller. The controller is being referred to as the “Ferrari” of controllers and will cost $150.

According to a listing on Walmart, it looks like an Xbox One controller isn’t the only “Elite” hardware we are getting from Microsoft.

Walmart listed something called an “Xbox One Elite Console” for $499, which indicates that Microsoft might soon announce a new Xbox One version.

The company recently announced a 1TB version of its new console, so it’s not hard to guess what could the new iteration offer us. It may come with a 1TB HDD and a bundled Xbox One Elite controller?


We can’t rule out the possibility of this listing being a mistake or an error in Walmart’s system, so we will have to wait until an official statement is made.

We’ll have more for you on the story as soon as news comes our way.

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