Xbox One Elite Controller Rumored To Be Discontinued In Stores, New One In Works?

When it comes to game controllers, Microsoft is the best company to provide you with the solid answer. The Xbox One Elite Controller is currently one of the most loved controllers out there but, surprisingly, its discontinued in many stores these past few months. Could a new Xbox One Elite Controller be in works?

According to a user in ResetEra, a friend of his tried to replace his faulty Xbox One Elite Controller but he was told that its discontinued. He says:

My friend broke is Elite controller yesterday and he went to Best Buy to get a new one with his warranty and they told him that the controllers had been discontinued so they just gave him a gift card.

My guess is, going off the rumors that began last month, the new Elite controller is coming between now and E3.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the store might have discontinued it for various reasons. However, many users commented that their store of choice has also stopped selling Xbox One Elite Controllers, giving us more reasons to believe that our favorite controller might actually get its second version soon.

Rumors were already going around about a new Xbox One Elite Controller, with screenshots of the – potential – new model. It’s supposed to include a USB-C port for charging, Bluetooth support for Windows 10, three-level Hair Trigger Locks, longer key travel for the paddles, and a three-profile switch. Xbox One controllers are the most classic solution for PC gaming too, with relatively cheap adaptors and excellent optimization for all video game titles.

Xbox One S controller is the next sturdiest option to go with, now that the Elite Controller is steadily getting discontinued. Microsoft seems to be betting a lot on gaming controllers with several special editions released for Gears of War, Minecraft as well as your own designed controller. Let’s hope the new Xbox One Elite Controller – if real – will include all the features a gamer needs to justify its price.

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