Persistent Xbox One Bug Kills Your In-Game Achievements

New games of Xbox One users are sitting on their consoles adding nothing to their achievement lists. All this is due to a rather persistent bug which requires hours of wait to get rid of it. This bug has started to get on the nerves of Xbox One users as their achievements are getting killed because of it.

The reason behind this bug is Xbox One system not being able to track the played games for achievements. On top of that, the console isn’t keeping a record of games played before as well. It is not the first time this problem has surfaced as prior cases of this achievement bug are also present.

This bug is only restricted to consoles of a user’s on Xbox One account. It is not that achievements are not unlocked at all. They are even added to the game, social feed, Gamerscore, and every other concerned party.

Even the third party trackers get updated about the achievements. The only issue that lies is from within. The list present at the website or console does not get updated about the games played recently.

One user reported a case where his Xbox One console was showing that he had gone through 22% of RDR2’s story. But still, his console was showing an empty time duration for playing the game. Whereas, the users claimed to have played Red Dead Redemption 2 for a duration of 12 hours.

Xbox 360 users have not reported any such case so far. So, the only problem seems to lie with Xbox One consoles. Xbox One gaming community has had long discussions on fixing this achievements bug. Many fans have speculated tonnes of reasons behind.

The most recognized cause among all was the backwards compatibility feature. Fans suggest that this feature has triggered the bug. Many have given their own thoughts on fixing it.

Yet it is best for users to wait for Microsoft to come up with an Xbox One update. We have not heard any official news from Microsoft as of now. Xbox One users are anxious to hear from them and they only have the option to wait until then. Furthermore, we’re hearing that Xbox One might be getting an announcement at X018.

Meanwhile, Xbox One users recently faced a CD issue with RDR2 as well. Microsoft is coming up with elite designs for Xbox mobile controllers. But they might want to hear out their console users first. After all, an Xbox One can lead you to do bizarre things and Microsoft wouldn’t wish to see that happening.

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