Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Put on the Backburner? Exec Explains What’s Up

One of the main highlights of Xbox One is its ability to play Xbox 360 games. Xbox One backward compatibility is something fans have adored since it was announced. However, lately, it seems Microsoft has placed this feature on the backburner.

Microsoft is in the middle of preparing for Xbox One X launch which could be part of the reason why Xbox One is being neglected for the time being. Speaking with GameSpot, Xbox boss Phill Spencer explained their plans with Xbox One backwards compatibility, shutting down speculations that players have largely ignored this feature.

He explained that it is not true, players have put millions of hours into this feature. But at the same time, it’s also false that everyone uses this feature.

It’s not true that people don’t play it. I’ve seen those online arguments about nobody uses it or everybody uses it. It’s not true that everybody plays backwards compatibility games, it’s not true that no one does. A lot of the data is third-party data so I can’t really tell you how many people are playing a certain game; it’s not my game. I think the best signal we had so far is when Black Ops II landed and that month it hit NPD’s Top 10 that month for game sales. An Xbox 360 game that’s years old, that shows that people care

Microsoft’s adding the original Xbox games to Xbox One which shows that this feature is among one of the priorities. While Sony has different views on Backwards Compatibility, Microsoft remains focused on expanding the library. However, for now, Xbox One Backwards Compatibility users need to be patient.

Source: GameSpot

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