Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is Region Free

Xbox One backwards compatibility is the year’s biggest feature along with the New Xbox One Experience. Players are now able to play their Xbox 360 games on Xbox One and even use DLC.

Great feature indeed, but there’s even more good news. Xbox One is now a region free Xbox 360. This means that stackable games, that have region specific versions, can be played on an Xbox One from any region. Feel free to play Japanese versions of Gears of War 2, Just Cause 2 etc.

This is especially good news for achievement hunters who can earn region specific achievements and achievements for both versions to add to their collection.

If you wish to play games that are only available in certain regions and didn’t get a worldwide release, they won’t be playable until they are added to the backwards compatibility list.

Microsoft is making all the right moves and Backward Compatibility is pretty much a system selling feature; and this region free capability is icing on the cake.

Anyhow, what region exclusive Xbox 360 games would you like to see on Xbox One? Comment with your choice down below.


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