Report: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility To Add Fallout New Vegas And More

Microsoft is working hard to bring more and more titles to its Xbox One backwards compatibility, and the company has been successful in doing so. However, Microsoft does not seem to stop to bring Xbox 360 titles to Xbox One, as a report has surfaced that suggests more games are about to arrive.

The report comes from a Reddit user, who claims that Fallout New Vegas, Blood Knights and more are coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility. The Full list of games is below.

  • Fallout New Vegas.
  • Blood Knights.
  • Red Faction Battlegrounds.
  • Joe Danger.
  • Comic Jumper.
  • Crystal Quest.
  • Dungeons And Dragons Chronicles Of Mystara.
  • I Am Alive.

The most notable additions is Fallout New Vegas, as the game is quite popular among gamers. As Microsoft is expanding its collection of games for Xbox One backwards compatibility, there are some games that are still to be added that fans have been requesting.

Red Dead Redemption, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and Skyrim are among the top of the list that fans have been requesting to bring them to Xbox One backwards compatibility.

However, it is unlikely that Skyrim will be backwards compatible as Bethesda has announced Elder Scrolls V Skyrim special edition for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim special edition will also feature mod support for consoles, a feature which was first introduced in Fallout 4.


Also Microsoft has introduced multi-disc support for Xbox One backwards compatibility, and Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s cut is the first backwards compatible title with multi-disc.

With this feature many other major titles will be available on Xbox One backwards compatibility which require multi-disc. This can include Mass Effect 2 and 3, Tom Clancy titles or the games with extra material with it like GOTY editions.

Are you excited for more and more Xbox 360 games coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility? Let us know in the comments.

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