Xbox One Audio Settings Guide – How To Set Up

How to setup Xbox One audio settings perfectly for your games and entertainment needs.

Xbox One
Microsoft has finally released the Xbox One, and the masses are going nuts over it. The console has been the butt of many jokes in comparison with it’s next-gen partner, the PlayStation 4, but honestly speaking, it’s looking to be a pretty awesome system.

Ours arrived only a while back, and we’ve been poring over it like curious lemurs ever since. However, we understand that not everyone shares our fascination with the console itself and many people just want to get into the games as fast as possible.

You may be facing some challenges setting up the machine so to help expedite the process we’ve created this survival guide to speed up your optimization of the Audio Settings of the Xbox One.

First of all, if you’ve got a sound system separate from the TV itself, then you’ll want to hook that up. First thing that you’ll need is a digital audio (TOSLink) cable. Connect the Xbox One to the TV using an HDMI cable first, this will serve as the video input.

After that, connect one end of the TOSLink cable to the S/PDIF (optical audio) port on the console. It’s next to the HDMI port. Then insert the other end of the cable into the sound system.

Of course, an alternate solution is to simply connect the speaker system to the digital audio output port on the TV itself. However, if you don’t have a audio output port that’s free, you can use the above method.


Now let’s configure the Audio settings themselves. Press the ‘Menu’ button on the controller and go to the settings, or simply say out loud “Xbox, Go to Settings.” After that, hit the ‘Display and Sound’ tile. Now take a look at the options under the ‘Digital Audio’ heading.

You can select either HDMI audio or optical audio, and then select the digital input used by your sound system. Choose the option that you want, and you should be good to go You can even turn one of the audio outputs off if you want, in case you don’t want sound to go out that port.

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