Xbox One Anthem Ranking Slips Out Of Top 50, Less Than 2500 Players

The Xbox One Anthem ranking has slipped out of the console's top 50 most-played games, down to less than 2,500 players, according to a Reddit poster.

The Xbox One Anthem ranking has slipped out of the top 50 games played on the console, as Anthem now has less than 2500 players playing it at the same time. The game’s fortunes, which began to fall almost immediately after release, just seem to be getting lower and lower each day.

Despite a great deal of promotion by EA and BioWare, Anthem’s myriad problems, including technical difficulties, a dearth of content, and terrible loot prospects, ended up working against it. The game has been losing players constantly, and now has reached a new low.

While 2400 players still seems like a lot, it’s definitely not a success for BioWare or EA, who both were aiming to get into the looter-shooter market with Destiny and The Division. While BioWare says it’s committed to improving Anthem, it’ll take a lot of work for the Xbox One Anthem ranking to get up again.

While we don’t really have information about the PC and Playstation 4 versions of the game (the Reddit post that revealed the player numbers for Anthem only had Xbox numbers, but said PC players were reporting an anemic player base), we can assume they’re similarly low.

The poster that brought up the numbers estimated that only around 12,500 people were still playing Anthem at all, which marks the game as another failure in BioWare’s book. While Jason Schreier’s expose on the goings-on at BioWare might have served as a slap in the face, hopefully this is a wake-up call instead.

Whether EA shuts Anthem down like they did to Mass Effect Andromeda or not remains to be seen, but if BioWare wants to improve the Xbox One Anthem ranking, they’ll need to work really hard to get the game to the point where people actually want to play it.

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