Xbox, Mobile, and Windows To Be Part of Single Ecosystem

Andy Lees, Head of Windows Phone division at Microsoft hinted at Tuesday’s Worldwide Partner conference that Microsoft products and services might soon have a “single ecosystem”. Which perfectly synchronizes with our previous report that you may be able to play Xbox 360 Games on Windows 8.

This single ecosystem initiative would allow PCs, Phones, and gaming console to interact with each other and benefit from shared technologies. He continued to iterate that Microsoft’s strategy would be to provide ‘Coherence and Consistency’ across several devices, ‘particularly the Xbox’ but he didn’t give any specifics on how they plan to make this possible.

This again syncs perfectly with the rumor that Microsoft is planning to develop a Windows version that would bring all these platform and services to a single platform, offering global functionality, for which Windows 8 may act as a transition.

What this means a for a general consumers is, they would be able to buy the applications and services that can be used across all these platforms. The possibilities can be endless considering the scope of this initiative but let’s just take hold it right here for the moment and continue with our daily lives until we see a demonstration.

I am getting anxious about the next Windows, I just hope it doesn’t end up being Vista, acting as a transition to a more awesome Windows or may be an entirely different OS, just like what happened in case of Windows 7.

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