3D Mark Scores Further Solidify Xbox Lockhart Rumors

It has already been confirmed by Microsoft that the Xbox Series X will be released later this year. There has been talks of a downgraded console, “Xbox Lockhart” expected to launch in Xbox Series X with Scarlett.

Microsoft has apparently been hiding the Xbox Lockhart announcement for a while now. If the reports are true, It would be targeting 1440p resolution gaming with 60 fps.

A Reddit user by the name of  “_rogame” made a post which slated the specs for this budget console. The post suggested that the console would have a Ryzen eight-core CPU with a 4.0 GHz clock. It will have a 16GB of shared memory and 4GB of VRAM.

The post mentioned no details about the GPU. The hardware that is reportedly in development at Redmond could actually be the GPU itself. Although, there are talks that could be some kind of version of the Fireflight APU which would accompany the Subor Z+ console. However, the Subor Z + console ended up getting canceled, last year.

Below is the image of the tweet made by “_rogame”:

Although the 3DMark score for the apparent Xbox Lockhart doesn’t display anything impressive, the APU scored around 7,100 points on Time Spy. This score shows that the GPU could possibly have 7 to 7.9 teraflops of power. The score can be compared to a machine having a  Ryzen 9 3900X  along with GTX 1660 Super or the recent RX 5600 XT.

The console is supposedly a replacement of the Xbox One X as it is rumored to be a digital-only console. The complete analysis by _rogame can be viewed here.

Microsft is set to the release of the Xbox Series X at the end of the year. These rumors suggest that the console market is about to get crowded as it has never been before. However, it is a healthy competition and ultimately, the consumers come out on top.