Xbox Live on Xbox 360 is Still Down as Fans Ask for Refunds

It is not out of the ordinary when Xbox Live or PSN goes down for a while but it is a totally different thing when you find out that the service has been down for days on! Xbox 360 users are suffering so bad they are asking for a refund now.

The first reports of the services being down for Xbox 360 came out on August 18, 2015 and for some odd reason the services are still down.

If you go and check the status page for the service you will see that the Xbox Live Core Services are still showing up as “limited.”

Interestingly, this is despite a message that had been put up by Microsoft at 5:58:41 PM CST on August 19, 2015 which reads that the problem has been resolved:

Hey Xbox users, have you been having trouble signing in to Xbox Live on Xbox 360? If so, we want you to know we believe the issue is resolved, and you should be able to begin signing in right away. Thanks for your patience, Xbox members.

Not just that, we have heard from a number of users on Xbox 360 who are growing agitated and want a refund.

Parallel to this, the Social and Gaming Services that allow “posting game performance or viewing the performance of other Xbox Live members” is also showing a “limited” status although Microsoft’s message on this one reads that it is “due to a scheduled maintenance that is being performed.”

Have you experienced problems with your services?

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