Xbox Live architect Eric Neustadter is No Longer With Microsoft

We have had some amazing experiences playing games online on Xbox Live, every single feature on the network is well designed and implemented and that is one of the reasons the service is loved by millions of fans across the globe.

Unfortunately, the architect behind the awesomeness that is Xbox Live has left Microsoft. Yes, Eric Neustadter is no longer at Xbox. He worked for the company from over 18 years and was with Xbox for the last 14.5 years.


Eric’s departure will impact camp Xbox, but Microsoft will find someone to fill his shoes. Still, Eric will surely be missed as he was one of the public faces of Microsoft after Phil Spencer and Major Nelson.

Neustaedter’s gamertag “e” was the first one to be created on Xbox Live.

Eric Neustadter is yet to share his future plans but we’ll let you know where he ends up. On the other hand Microsoft hasn’t said anything about who’ll be replacing Eric Neustadter.

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