Microsoft Reportedly Working on “Safe and Legal” Emulation For Xbox

An apparent email from Xbox QA is circulating the internet claiming that Microsoft is working on Safe and Legal Emulation for Xbox.

Recently, reports started to surface that Xbox no longer supports 3rd party emulators in retail mode. The dev mode (it’s not free) emulation however, seems to be working fine. Naturally, everyone wanted to know that why Microsoft has decided to go that route suddenly.

While Microsoft didn’t officially share anything, an apparent email from Xbox QA team has surfaced online via Twitter. The email if legit, clearly hints that Microsoft is exploring ways to officially support emulation on Xbox. The user who has shared the email seems to be an employee at Microsoft Azure.

Reading the email, there are a couple of reasons mentioned for restricting the emulators on Xbox on retail. First, it’s the copyright and legal implications and we know that some copyright owners can get very touchy when it comes to their IP (Nintendo ofcourse). Secondly, some of the emulation tools could pose security risks for both Microsoft and Xbox users so to be on the safe side, they have limited the access of the emulators.

So that is basically the gist of the message however, if you want to read the complete message, you can check the tweet yourself. As for legitimacy of the email, we can’t really be sure so take it with a grain of salt. According to the email, emulation is working fine in the dev mode and since the dev mode doesn’t have read/write functionality, it’s apparently safe from security point of view.

Microsoft hasn’t been quite vocal about “legal emulation” in the past as well so the exploring ways to implement it for Xbox does sound somewhat believable. The terms Backwards compatibility and Emulation sometimes are used as synonyms however, for Backwards compatibility, things aren’t always the same as emulating a game through a software.

Microsoft’s Backwards compatibility has been praised a lot by users and if they manage to implement “Legal Emulation” successfully, it will be another great win for Team Green.

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