Could Xbox Keystone Be An Xbox Series Refresh?

Microsoft is apparently working on something codenamed Xbox Keystone which has the community wondering about an Xbox Series console refresh.

Spotted earlier today courtesy of a data mining session, Xbox Keystone could be just about anything (and nothing) at the time of writing, except that its surprising order in the given files could be of significance.

Xbox Keystone follows Xbox Durango and Xbox Scarlett in the datamined files. Projects Durango and Scarlett were codenames for Xbox One and Xbox Series X before their official announcements. Hence, the reason that many folks out there are wondering if Project Keystone is referring to another Xbox console.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were launched just over a year ago. Expecting a higher-end Xbox Series upgrade would not be wrong since Microsoft has done so in the past. However, those upgrade models are unlikely to arrive within the first couple of years of launch.

Xbox One, for example, was launched in November 2013 and only received its higher-end Xbox One X upgrade in November 2017. Microsoft could be working on making its Xbox Series flagships more powerful but will presumably wait until 2024 before making any announcements.

Something else to note is that launching another console right now would be foolish. Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment are both already finding it difficult to meet the current demand on the new consoles. Introducing another model would only make add further manufacturing hardships.

Xbox Keystone will hence remain a mystery until Microsoft offers an announcement. The codename could be for an Xbox peripheral or feature. The codename could also be for an Xbox Series X virtual reality headset which Microsoft has so far denied to ever be on its plate.

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