19 Year Old Johnathan Fair Beats 4 Year Old To Death For Spilling Juice On His Xbox

In another news of how dangerous addiction can be, an Illinois young adult "Johnathan Fair" allegedly killed a 4 year...

In another news of how dangerous addiction can be, an Illinois young adult “Johnathan Fair” allegedly killed a 4 year old child for spilling juice on his Xbox.

According to an indictment, the 19 year old Fair beat the little girl on the accounts that she spilled liquid on his Xbox. After beating her, he kicked her down the hallway of the home. The girl fell and hit her head.

From what we could piece of his multiple statements, Fair said that he was babysitting the 4 year old Syklar Mendez when this happened. Syklar Mendez was his girlfriend’s daughter and he was assigned to babysit her for the night.

After the girl passed out, possibly due to immense pain or the direct hit to the brain, Fair panicked and hurried to the hospital with the unconscious child.

Doctors said that the girl had brain swelling and there had been signs of previous multiple swellings too. Some of the staff exclaimed that she had been abused or was being continuously abused a few months back too.

The girl died a few days later, at the Chicago’s Lure Children Hospital. She had been admitted here to relieve the swelling in her brain. The attempt failed and she woke up no more.

We, the gamer’s community, are extremely saddened by this incident. Gaming is great and is fun, but like anything, once it gets in the way of your lifestyle, it becomes an addiction. And addiction isn’t good. There have been rare incidences like this in the past too. For example the Call of Duty Swatting incident.

Fair is now in Lake County jail, awaiting the day he’ll see a Judge. His bail is currently set to $5 million, according to the Attorney’s Office. He has been charged with a first-degree murder.

The official date for the Court Trial is February 17th. If Fair is convicted and all charges are proven true, he could be facing a bare minimum of a 20 year sentence, which can go upto 60 years. He could even get a lifetime sentence.

According to the Illinois rule book: 720 ILCS 5/9-1, First Degree Murders are charged with 20-60 years of jail, or 45-lifetime of jail if firearms are used, and there will be no parole.

Of course, this incident was very sad and we hope no child ever has to go through this stuff ever again. If you, or anyone in your area is in danger, please do not hesitate to call the local agencies for help. If a child is involved, please call the 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline at 800-25-ABUSE (800-252-2873 or TTY 1-800-358-5117). Beating someone is never justified.

Source: chicagotribune

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