Xbox Insider Claims Halo Infinite’s Budget Will Either Make or Break Careers

There have been multiple rumors circulating regarding Microsoft’s budget for their new game, Halo Infinite. But now, Brad Sams, an Xbox Insider claims the budget of the upcoming Halo Infinite is massive.

Earlier this month, a report suggested that it will be the most expensive game ever made with a development budget that’s well over $500 million. Brad Sams, the Executive Editor of Petri and Thurrott, also happens to be an Xbox Insider. In his new video, Sams talks about what the official production budget of Halo Infinite could be.

According to Sams, the number floating around the internet is pretty accurate. The estimation of the amount is excluding marketing costs which mean overall the Halo Infinite budget could go beyond $500.

The most noteworthy statement Sams makes in the video is that “careers are going to be made or broken” on the Halo Infinite, given how much Microsoft is spending money on the game. Of course, the game isn’t the only thing that the company is investing in. There is also the new Slipspace Engine that’s being made specifically for Halo Infinite. It is also very likely that the majority of Halo Infinite’s budget comes from Microsoft’s other projects, including its next-gen console, Xbox Scarlett, and Project Xcloud.

At the end of his scoop, Sams predicts that Microsoft will be putting all of its efforts in this new Halo game. It is also very likely that the company will show a new trailer for it at E3 this June.

Even though Sams is well known in the gaming industry for his Xbox scoops, and providing somewhat reliable information in the past. Microsoft hasn’t officially announced any numbers regarding Halo Infinite’s budget. It is best to treat this information with a grain of salt.

Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox One and PC with no release date yet.