Xbox Games Showcase Will Be A Solid Hour Of Games

MIcrosoft has said that the Xbox Games Showcase happening on July 23 will be a solid hour of games, no devices or other, similar news.

Microsoft appears to be changing the way its conferences work for the Summer of Gaming, in particular for the Xbox Games Showcase next Thursday that will be showing off all of the first-party games that will be coming out on the Xbox Series X, according to a tweet by Aaron Greenberg.

Previous Microsoft conferences have always been a fairly even spread between both games and the various changes coming to the console, which unfortunately isn’t what most gamers are there for. Thankfully, Microsoft has apparently picked up on that.

The showcase being entirely game-focused is likely also because Microsoft has already had its big reveal event where they’ve talked about all of the console’s various capabilities, specifications, and more. Far from being like the “multimedia center that plays games” that the Xbox One was, the Xbox Series X appears to be back to its roots.

We still have no idea what kinds of games will be at the Xbox Games Showcase, but there are a few that we do know for certain, in particular Halo Infinite, which was announced back in 2018 but has had no real news for in the intervening years.

Either way, the showcase is the best way for Microsoft to show off all of the work that its acquired studios have been doing. Since it’s acquired a large amount of various studios, there are plenty of games that we should be seeing inside the showcase’s hour-long timeslot.

With Playstation having revealed a strong lineup of games for the launch and first year of the Playstation 5’s lifespan at that console’s own reveal event, Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase needs to have just as many appealing games and maybe even a number of exclusives too.

While there have been rumors that the company is aiming to have a more gradual transition into the next console generation, Microsoft may fall behind again in the console race despite the Xbox Series X’s power if they don’t have enough games to make the console appeal to people.

Either way, the showcase will be happening on July 23 at 9 A.M. Pacific Time, so if you want to see what games are coming out on the Series X when it releases you can tune in on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or Twitter.

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