Xbox Gamer Earns 500K Gamerscore In One Month

Can you earn more than 500k gamerscore in one month?

The rise of achievements in gaming have given rise to achievement hunters as well, but it seems that today no one is more serious of a hunter than someone named Jixbo on Twitter. The man managed to earn 500K gamerscore (that’s 500,000, for reference) in just a month after creating an account.

While there’s no indication of whether or not he got all of the achievements in every game that he played, it’s likely that in order to get to a number that high in a month, he likely had to be playing almost non-stop, or was likely just that good at games.

Even more impressive is that he did all of this in just a month, compared to other Xbox gamers that have had the same account for years upon years who have only gotten up to that score fairly recently. Of course, him being able to get 500K gamerscore in a month can also be done in a variety of ways.

While of course there’s the possibility that Jixbo is just that good at video games, there’s also the fact to considering that he went through a massive number of extremely easy games whose achievements don’t require any special tricks, but simply playing the game. Plus, with Xbox’s GamePass service, all of these sorts of games are within easy reach.

Of course, to get that much gamerscore in just a month, it would require you to be playing almost every hour of every day, making time for sleep, even if you do play a large amount of games where it’s easy to get all of the achievements.

Even if we don’t recommend trying to earn 500K gamerscore in one month yourself for health reasons, Jixbo has definitely set a benchmark for other hardcore achievement hunters at some point in the future. But we do have some achievement guides that can at least help you possibly bump your own gamerscore up.


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