Xbox Game Showcase For First-Party Games Coming July 23

A new Xbox game showcase for first-party titles is going to be happening on July 23, and Halo Infinite will finally be getting gameplay.

Microsoft has announced that their showcase for their actual first-party games will be happening on July 23, around halfway into the demo week event they’ve also announced. The Xbox game showcase should not only feature Halo Infinite, but also a large number of other games worked on by first-party Xbox studios.

While Microsoft had previously unveiled games that would be coming to the Xbox Series X several months ago, most of those were third-party titles that would also be getting ported or were from studios not part of the Xbox Game Studios umbrella.

We haven’t heard very many first-party Xbox games aside from Halo Infinite at the moment, though that game will finally be showing gameplay, so whatever Microsoft is planning it will hopefully be big. The Playstation 5 already showed off many of its own first-party games when it was first revealed, so the Xbox Series X has to step up.

Whatever they do choose, though, it’s likely Microsoft has the chance to make a really good impression first off. With all of the studio acquisitions they did, plus Phil Spencer previously saying that Microsoft wanted to put out more Xbox exclusive games but they took time, now’s a great opportunity.

Microsoft already has one very anticipated game in the form of Halo Infinite, the latest entry in the most popular franchise on the Xbox, but so far it’s the only first-party exclusive that Microsoft has announced. We may still even get a presentation that’s like a normal E3, where most of the announced games aren’t exclusives.

The lack of exclusives was a key weakness in the Xbox One’s game catalogue, unlike the Playstation 4 which had a large amount of high-quality games that were exclusive to that console like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and many more. While so far the Xbox Series X seems to have a graphical advantage, that won’t mean much if it doesn’t have the game library to back it up.

Either way, the Xbox game showcase will be happening on July 23, though an actual time hasn’t been announced yet.

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